May 2, 2017



AGHAZ has experienced and qualified human resource in its head office. Capacity building of staff is a continuous process. The organization believes that Human Development is the key to sustainable development. The organization has been involved in preparation of various kinds of projects in the fields of education, health awareness, capacity building and community physical infrastructure development. Capacity Building is an integral part of all the projects being implemented by the organization

Human Resources:

AGHAZ enjoys services of highly educated, competent, trained and dedicated professionals. All people are employed through very transparent and vigilant procedures leaving no room for discrimination and prejudice. All present employees have been recruited after formal approval from respective donors.

Organizational Values

Equal respects for all within and outside the organization

Equal opportunity employment

Participatory approach for decision making

Equality, equity and non-discrimination at all levels and in all forms

Sensitivity to the customs and traditions of local cultures

Accountability to both those organization seeks to assist and those from whom it accepts resources.

Intervention extension regardless of the race, creed or sect of the needy / beneficiaries

Cooperation and coordination with other co-organizations and networks

Learning opportunities for employees through participation in different training program.