May 2, 2017



Promote sound and conducive environment to all stakeholders through better governance and empowerment of women in the society and confirm the goal of sustainable development which socially, environmentally, politically and legally should be feasible. AGHAZ has also envisioned to pay its part for nature calamities management. 


Prosperous, educated and healthy communities, where people have access to basic needs of life, resources and control over the benefits.

Core Values

AGHAZ believes in providing service to mankind without any discriminate in all aspect of life.

Collective decision making approach.

High sensitivity to the customs, rituals and traditions people.

Proper accountability to both those organization seeks to assist and those from whom it accepts resource.

Equal opportunity to income generating for all people.

Cooperation and coordination with other co-organization, agencies and donors.

High level learning chances for employees through participation in trainings and multiple programs.


Women empowerment:

AHGAZ trusts that women are considered double burden, being women- they face socio-economic, culture, political and religious discriminations in the society – and being poor-face so many ill-treatment too. This organization would emphasis on the betterment, welfare, and enablement of the women, and struggle to narrow gender gap.

Promotion of quality Education:

AHGAZ believes that education and sustainable development go shoulder to shoulder in whole world. The organization would make huge efforts for the promotion of education in marginalized and unprivileged areas of province through sound policies and advocacy by involving exiting government departments and civil society organization.

Improvement of fisher-folk life:

The fisheries sector has got immense important in the GDP of province.  The Optimum and sustainable utilization of fish related and mangroves resources could be a mainstay for the communities living near coasts as agriculture is very limited there. AGHAZ will try its greatest level with the existing resources and support of various national and international donors for optimum management of fisheries resources through participatory approaches and introduction of modern and durable fishing techniques for up gradation of fisher-folk lives.

Low-Cost Sanitation:

We will strive hard to improve sanitation conditions through introducing cost effective sanitation technologies and provision of clean dirking water facilities.

Promotion of Healthy Hygiene Practices:

Due to poor hygienic practices many people are suffering from different diseases in the province that is becoming a damaging factor for the vulnerable communities. AGHAZ makes effort for creating awareness and encouraging the communities to adopt healthy hygienic practices by incorporating in its projects social mobilization, awareness campaigns, trainings, community meetings, development and dissemination of IEC material etc. 

Disaster Management Relief and Rehabilitation:

This organization will work for provision of relief and restoration services to the communities in times of tragedies, disasters and calamities.

Coordination with Social Development Agencies:

AGHAZ, appreciates the Support of Government, Semi-Government, Non-Government Organizations, banks Private Sector and Corporations etc so that the resources could reach the depressed and deprived segment of society without any leakages and delay.